Energizing India

A mission which began in 2001 with the zeal to provide customized training and competency development for the Oil & Gas Sector, in its odyssey of nine years has achieved many a milestones. From training more than 15,000 working professionals in the Oil & Gas sector, conducting landmark conferences and conventions, creating intellectual forums and providing project management services to major Oil and Gas companies; ISP has set new benchmarks in the arena.

From establishing forums to discuss policy matters or introducing global best practices to the Indian Oil & Gas sector, ISP has also over the period of time developed expertise in specialized areas of consulting, advisory services and project management and has always been in the forefront of pioneering initiatives which have helped the industry at large to innovate and adapt.

It was ISP which took the leadership role in the development of Asia's first Energy domain specific university (University of Petroleum & Energy Studies) and has in the process won many global accolades for operational excellence.

And after excelling in its service offerings to the Oil & Gas sector, ISP has now spread its wings to the broader energy sector, and has well developed programs and services for the Oil & Gas, Power and Transportation sectors.

In line with this broader charter, ISP rechristens itself as Indian School of Petroleum and Energy (ISPe).

Explore us...
Hazira LNG Pvt. Ltd. made an LOI with Indian School of Petroleum & Energy(ISPe) for making a custom made B. Tech. program for...
-Shashank Gaikwad
General Manager (HR)
Hazira LNG Pvt. Ltd.
The 3-day “Energy Value Chain Training” conducted at our campus provided our team a good insight...
Manager & AVP
Energy Utilities
and                                   Services
Infosys Technologies
The 3rd Personal Contact Program  (PCP) was very good in terms of the suggestions made by the participants...
-Rahul Vora
Sr. Associate –
HR & Administration
Cairn Energy India
Pty. Ltd.


14th Oil & Gas HR Round Table – 21st August 2015 at Mumbai

  Indian School of Petroleum & Energy
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